JSC “Alsista”

Logistics company successfully working since 1996. In 2015 company had its biggest changes. JSC “Alsista” changed its managers, company’s aims and activity type.
Today main company’s activities are flowers transportation (Europe and Russian markets) and car transportation (Europe market).

tons per year

Main activity – flowers transportation (Europe and Russian market) and car transportation (Europe market).

Professional company’s management team ensures to implement its clients requirements. JSC “Alsista” value long term cooperation, so we can ensure the best quality services:

  • provide high quality services
  • protect client’s property
  • orders are accomplished professionally and on time.

Įmonės pagrindinis tikslas – būti lyderiaujančia transporto paslaugų įmone: efektyviai tenkinti klientų poreikius, siūlyti kokybiškus šiuolaikinės logistikos sprendimus, užtikrinti operatyvų ir saugų krovinių transportavimą.


Own company’s transport ensures quick and effective cargo transportation without brokers so it can save your time and money.
Tracking system in every car allows us to get the information where the cargo is.
Own truck workshop guarantee technically neat trucks and it solves the problems which occur on the way.

1. United and highly responsible team
2. Long – term employee experience
3. Tasks are accomplished professionally and problems are solved competent.
4. Team members speak Lithuanian, Italian, Polish, Russian and English languages.
5. Expedition department could offer best solution according clients needs.

We adapt to clients needs, we offer best transportation services with competitive prices.

Continuous improvement
Employees can improve their knowledge and skills at various seminars.

Our clients – various Lithuanian, Europe and Russian companies, which save its time and evaluate long term and confident partners. If you are time saving company and evaluate long term and confident cooperation, so you are our client!